The Best Birthday Party EVER!

By Jill, your Kalamazoo Publisher Mom September 15, 2011

So my son turned 7 last week and on Saturday we had a birthday party for him.  (yes, that is him in the picture) I am not big on having birthday parties every year, but this year I thought I would try it.  We had Alan Kazam come and do the birthday party.  It was the best birthday party ever.  I think that I enjoyed the magic show as much as the kids!  He had all 11 kids completely spell bound for 45 minutes (which is magic itself).  His magic tricks where so amazing that I still cannot figure out how he did them.

My son has done nothing but talk about the magic show since and he even slept with the magic goodie bag that Alan Kazam gave all the kids at the party. I had to go into his room and pry them out of his hand after he fell asleep.

If you want a totally amazing birthday party, I 110% recommend Alan Kazam!!!  If you want a totally amazing birthday party for your kids contact Alan at

I want to hear from you - if you have seen Alan in action comment to this article.